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Joseph Virgilio

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G for Two

Alternative title Suite for Two Like Instruments
ComposerJoseph Virgilio
PublisherMr Joe's Music Company
Genre Classical
Instrumentation Clarinet
Scored forDuo
Type of scoreFull score
Key G major
Movement(s) 1 to 3 from 3
Duration 9'0"
Difficulty Medium
Year of composition 2014
'G for Two' is a short suite for two like instruments. This arrangement calls for Bb clarinets. Using a handful of typical devices the objective here is to attune the ears of aspiring musicians to hearing beyond traditional sonorities. The suite opens with a wistful, languid feeling that gives way to the witness of an exciting event. Then slipping back into the wistfulness of the day the movement heads toward closure but not before recalling the joy of the earlier excitement.
The second movement explores a standard melody with the usual devices keeping the harmony closer but not entirely traditional. The final section again bends the traditional harmonic structure while employing traditional development devices. Some motives appear across the suite to add a sense of cohesion to the entire suite.

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