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  • 01 abr 2017, Artigo
  • New Woodwind Quintet from Mr Joe's Music Company
  • Available in April, 2017, Mr Joe's Music Company has announced the publication of new music for woodwind quintet entitled Shorts? No, Skirts. Oh!   This new work from resident composer, Joseph Virgilio embodies a certain playfulness balanced with a touch of serenity but the gaming is never far from the surface. Not in any particular form the composer does suggest a road map referencing one or two standard classical forms.  Wind players will enjoy performing this whimsical 8 1/2 romp while ...
  • 13 mar 2017, Artigo
  • Do you have last minute needs for Lenten/Easter services?
  • If you are still seeking music to round out your Lenten and/or Easter services, have a look at the offerings in our catalog (Mr Joe's Music).  As well as music for your regular choir, there are a number of pieces offered in our listings to round out your Praise team's reportoire.  And while perusing the Easter music don't pass by the Missa Brevis.  Whether in it's entirety or just one or two of the individual movements, the music just may fill gaps in your services; Easter or otherwise.
  • 22 ago 2016, Artigo
  • Thinking About Christmas?
  • Mr Joe's Music Company is pleased to announce the availability of newly recorded demo of The Christ Child now available to audition via our catalog page.  This Christmas song is a simple arrangement of Chtíc aby spal - aka Vánoční noc - by Adam Vaclav Michna z Otradovic, a 17th century composer.  The arrangement takes into consideration choirs with limited technical ability.  Though not new to MuiscaNeo customers, this is the first time we have added a recording to aid our new customers ...
  • 29 jun 2016, Artigo
  • A Glance Backward
  • Mr Joe's Music Company is offering this new, hot off the printer Missa Brevis in C.  It was written for a men's quartet, The Watchmen, who are regular performers around NJ in many houses of worship.  The settings include the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, and Alleluia.  The harmonic language is decidedly tonal.  A rather easy to sing piece of music that could work in any Christian service . . . as long as your congregation doesn't have a problem with old school text; Greek and ...
  • 09 mar 2016, Artigo
  • Heaven Glimpsed is a cantata structured around verses from the Book of Revelation.  A pparently forgotten,  the score has been languishing in our archives for over ten years.  We were overjoyed recently when quite by accident, we came upon it.  Mr Joe's Music is thrilled to today release the finale from this cantata, Worthy Is The Lord , in time for the festive season .  This music for mixed voices with organ accompaniment will lift high your audience, be it a church ...
  • 26 fev 2016, Artigo
  • last opportunity at MusicaNeo: one door closes as another opens
  • We at Mr Joe's Music Company want to let all of our friends and customers know that some titles will soon be withdrawn from the MusicaNeo webstore.  They are not going away but in the future will be available from Kistner und Siegel of Germany.  The titles that are shifting publishers include three seasonal pieces; Mary's Plea for soprano soloist with piano, Videntes Stellam for mixed voices a cappella , and the 5 part  a cappella arrangement of Silent Night .  So, if you have been ...
  • 08 fev 2016, Artigo
  • 2016 addition to Easter Tableaux
  • In Matthew 26: 64 Caiaphas orders Jesus to state under oath before the Sanhedrin whether or not he is in fact the Messiah sent from God.  Jesus replies, "You have said so . . ."  Jesus continues, "From now on you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the power and coming on the clouds of heaven." The scripture excerpt quoted provides the text for Jesus Replied (I AM) , the seventh song in the twelve song cantata written for a contemporary ensemble, SAB choir and soloists. ...
  • 15 dez 2015, Artigo
  • From The Archives
  • Mr Joe's Music Company is pleased to announce the release to MUSICANEO patrons of two works from our archives.  The first, COME (TO THE LORD) the composer tells us was written for a close friend, a co-worker who enjoyed the music shared with her.  The work is scored for Mixed Voices with Alto solo and piano accompaniment.  It is appropriate for worship as well as concert  settings. The second work, ON ANGELS' WINGS was written for treble voices with piano accompaniment and solo ...
  • 04 nov 2015, Artigo
  • 11th Hour Availability from Mr Joe's Music Company
  • Music directors, are you seeking one more piece of music for your choir's Christmas performances?  Mr Joe's Music Company is excited to present a new setting of the well known text, Videntes Stellam  for mixed a cappella voices.  This recent work will provide your singers with  a work whose impact will be felt deeply by your choir and audiences alike as they contemplate the long ago events being celebrated.  It may be performed with the included organ prelude or simply as a ...
  • 20 set 2015, Artigo
  • New for CHRISTMAS 2015!
  • Mr Joe's Music Company is thrilled to announce the release of SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS for the 2015 holiday season.  This title work is written for men's a cappella TTBB choir.  It lyrically gives a nod to all aspects of Christmas from the secular to the mildly sacred.  Suitable for school and community concerts, it is sure to bring the spirit of the holiday to your performances!
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