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04 Nov 2015

11th Hour Availability from Mr Joe's Music Company

Christmas music: a new setting of Videntes Stellam

Music directors, are you seeking one more piece of music for your choir's Christmas performances?  Mr Joe's Music Company is excited to present a new setting of the well known text, Videntes Stellam for mixed a cappella voices.  This recent work will provide your singers with  a work whose impact will be felt deeply by your choir and audiences alike as they contemplate the long ago events being celebrated.  It may be performed with the included organ prelude or simply as a short piece for mixed voices.  Close your eyes and find yourself in an old candle-lit cathedral in the middle of the night with voices seemingly coming out of the shadows.  The tonal palette mixes old and new sounds, with striking dissonances dissolving quickly into the more traditional harmonies.   It shouldn't be very difficult for competent singers to bring this music up to performance level in time for this year's concerts and church services.

Videntes Stellam mixed voices a cappella



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